2017 08 / 18
Company news

Bridge Rectifier (Three phase

Bridge rectifier in the market has a large market share, Jufan in the life of electronic or industrial control are widely used. I Division in the bridge rectifier is committed to three projects, the first bridge rectifier structure, I Division in the product such as GBJ, GBU ... and other products, the use of its effective small space to reduce the thermal stress and mechanical stress baking The The second is the conduction voltage, the bridge rectifier for the circuit input, our leadership on its pressure drop has a strong mission, to enhance the use of performance. The third for the thermal resistance, lifting technology and cooling methods can reduce the thermal resistance, improve the cooling function, can extend the bridge rectifier life.
The future I plan to develop the same specifications and size, can effectively improve the market space for the application of space.

Our products are using GPP chip has a lower leakage current (uA) and a higher use temperature, its product specifications from 4A to 500A, pressure from 800V to 1600V, widely used in the field of home appliances such as induction cooker, steamer box Or inverter, treadmill ... and other industries.