2017 08 / 18
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Discrete - Stud type

Bolt-type products are almost installed on the heat sink, applied to high current or instantaneous power higher industry will consider oil-immersed. Applications in the oil-immersed has its advantages of good heat dissipation and high insulation, but should be applied in the field of oil immersion products must be a high-sealing package, Neil's bolt-type products for the packaging process has absolute confidence, And the source of confidence is Neil products after a variety of tests and tests.

Bolt products are divided into two categories, one for the diodes (Diode); two for the silicon control rectifier (SCR), which also has a fast recovery of the product, the product is quite extensive application, such as uninterruptible power supply system (UPS ) And single-phase rectification, equipment, such as electroplating rectifier, welder, automotive and transformers and other related industries.