2017 08 / 18
Company news

Schottky/FRED Diode

Neil's diodes in addition to rectifier bridge, there are FRED and SBD.FRED full name for the Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode (fast recovery diode), Epitaxial as a chip process, refers to a substrate (Substrate) grow (The Schottky barrier diode) is characterized by a lower turn-on voltage, faster recovery time than fast recovery, and a low-cost, low-voltage, The disadvantage is that the leakage current is greater than the fast recovery diode. Fast recovery diodes and Schottky features good switching characteristics, excellent reverse recovery time, forward current, small size and easy installation (Neil's packaging are used TO-244 and SOT227) and other advantages.

FRED and SBD are widely used in switching power supply, pulse width modulation (PWM), uninterruptible power system (UPS), AC motor frequency (VVVF), high frequency heating and other devices, for high frequency, high current freewheeling Diodes or rectifiers, SBD can also be used in the detection circuit topology, FRED and SBD in the future is quite promising potential power electronics original device.